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The time is ripe to welcome our italian neighbours again in Alpinoaustria. Well known for their unique remixes, none less than KALIBANDULU from Milano gonna heat up Smaragd inna steelcity Linz tonite! Highlight Intl, Irie Sound and Mad Hiaz will also be there to get yourself in the right mood before the champion sound is going to take over...
It's gonna be a great night - look it up, attend and be there or be nowhere > FB event

So get urself together and listen to their mixtapes, dubplates and remixes in the meantime:

Tomorrow they gonna rock Salzburg city together with Ras Sound Intl in order to nice up their regular dance called Yard Vybz...

So if you can't make it to Linz today make sure you support our bredrins at Republic Cafe, Salzburg tomorrow > FB event

Btw, tonight is gonna be a Arroz con Pollo special and it might be the last edition of our regular for a while... so also tune into our teaser:



Speech Debelle (ninja tune/UK) tonight live at BASSCLUB (Flex, Vienna) > FB link
The world keeps spinning changing the lives or people in it
Nobody knows where it will take us
But if hope it gets better better better
Speech Debelle who comes from South London with Jamaican heritage in my opinion got one of the sweetest voices and the poetic lyrics seem to let her heart speak... straight!
Her debut album is called "Speech Therapy" and is a little lyrical masterpiece and balm for your mind, heart & soul. On that she also collaborated with artists like Roots Manuva or Wayne Lotek and shared quality studio time with live musicians.

This year she released another LP called "Freedom of Speech" and it is amazing! Now lean back, relax and check the video from the first album track called "Studio Backpack Rap"... Enjoy and cya tonite!


hellogreen. green berlin. green granada. blue lagoon. green trees. green velvet. green trains. green tags. green bombs. green bricks. green blocks. high green. green grade. green smoke. green sound. green echo. MARSImoto. green marsi. green mask. green seed. green weed. eyes green. eyes bleed. green breed. hulk slogan. the green indian. fringe groups. animals and the dog. green queen. green kru. marsikantenstadl. well green. real green. y'all know what i mean. it's all green. seen?

big green. green screen:

also check: full movie. full screen!

green krefeld. green soul. green force. green remix. free dwnld:

check http://marsimoto.de/ & http://www.soul-force.com!

greentings outta green wien!



All Reggae and street culture loving people who came across Berlin should already know a place called YAAM next to the Spree river and East Side Gallery. Colorful graffiti and street art is decorating the old industrial brick building. Yaamaica Republic is like a downtown oasis in concrete Berlin jungle. You can just hang around at the beach and listen to some deejays juggeling or play streetball, beach volleyball, soccer, kiss the miniramp. For the thirsty and hungry ones who come after work they serve good african dish and orrriginal Jamaican jerk. Plus whole heap of different drinks best enjoyed at the Cool Runnings bar...

Since 1997 (before it was placed in a different location / Cuvrystr) it has evolved to the biggest and most exciting location in terms of Reggae/Dancehall/HipHop and many many more different bashments in town. The biggest artists in any kind of Bass business have shared their indoor and outdoor stage and annually a big festival is taking place during Karneval der Kulturen.
Now it's up to us to make history and SIGN the ONLINE PETITION in order to keep YAAM alive!

They are facing troubles since quiet a while due to the Mediaspree projects who want to transform the whole lovely riverbank into a big corporate enterprise complex. People stood up and kept on fighting against this monster of predatory capitalism. Demonstrations and rallies out in the streets could still not frighten those commercial estate sharks from trying to invest in this beautiful property...

So please family, help to keep this unique art&culture&sports location alive! It is a very family-friendly place offering awesome programs for the young & the old, the rich & the poor - a peaceful place where TOLERANCE is written in big letters and all kinds of people are treated with respect.
So again, my last call, please SIGN the ONLINE PETITION!!! It's not much effort and it could move mountains...

Also like their FB fan page if you wanna to stay updated about the progress...



Get the new RUN|TIN desktop background and nice up your screens if you wanna!

Also check out the previous ones... One love!



Tonite the Smaragd basement is going to transform in a tropical jungle where caballeros like CHONG-X will heat up the place... Nobody canna miss it!!!

>> Ting called TROPICAL NITE!!!



Tonight is Enlighten-night and it's gonna be a special night cause FIRECLATH sound is going to celebrate their 10th year of spittin flames in and around steeltown. Calling for all pyromans, soundboys, raggamuffins, dancehall queens to set the place on fire because none less than Jamaican clash-veteran RICKY TROOPER is gonna proof that he is a serial soundkiller!!! Let's go hard and done!!

To get yourself in the mood of partying hard check out their Enlighten Promo mix (Part 1 & 2):

MORE FYAH that's what we require!!!