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...and after you have pull upped and reloaded it again and again CHECK OUT their up to di time Dancehall Mix CD called Pon Bed Pon Floor Against Wall for the Ladies > > >

Clasha (OSF Sound) - Pon Bed Pon Floor Against Wall MixCD 2011 by osfsound

Consider OSF a sound that slowly grows, not one that comes and goes. - OSF SOUND

MEMBERS >> DJ VIBESTAR (Selecta, Promo/Bookings), CLASHA (MC, Selector, Operator), FATHA DIAZ (MC, Selecta)

OSF SOUND aka "one of di biggest and baddest soundboyz round vie-town" aka "Oba Sankt Fighta" keep on running dancehall tings for years without tears inna Vienna city and on top of dat they get good outernational bookings and echos as well. There is no doubt about OSF being one of the (if not THE) most booked sound inna dis ya alpinobananarepublic.

Each and every weekend and in-between you can meet them at the biggest and hottest Dancehall bashments in the mighty concrete jungle of King Leopold. They have whole heap of clash dubplates of first class Reggae and Dancehall artists and produce every once in a while real dope Dancehall Hip Hop Remix Mashups.

In 2008 they started to run a monthly Regular called "Dancehall University" together with G-SPOT SOUND in a venue called Volksgarten Wien, which have evolved into one of the greatest Austrian Dancehall parties.

Since 2010 they run tings together with READY2RUMBLE by offering magnificant parties on two floors with one tending to be more hipster, electro influenced called VIENNESE VIBEZ.

For the next big bashment at Reigen (10.6.) they bring the notorious SENTINEL SOUND all the way from Germany >>

Make sure you check out their PROMO EDIT as well>>

>>> MAKE SURE YOU DON'T MISS THAT PARTY if you are close to Vienna ^^


O http://soundcloud.com/osfsound
O http://www.facebook.com/osfsound

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