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WANTED!! As you can see on the pictures below: MAJOR LAZER exists for real and he was spotted on a so-called "faschingsgschnasment" close to the riverbanks of Linz:

There are no doubts about that the ORIGINAL DON aka MAJOR LAZER is not a futuristic character invented by Diplo and Switch but really exists in flesh and blood. Here is the proof where he is hanging around with his jungle buddy at the carnival:

If you want to meet him... he might be coming to the post-carnival ARRÓZ CON POLLO tonite or at last at the Notting Hill Carnival this year... watch out!!

(>> link to event)

P.S.: if you are stuck in Vienna, make sure you don't miss FANTAN MOJAH and I-WAYNE WITH HOUSE OF RIDDIM BAND LIVE IN CONCERT brought to you by DJ TAFF

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