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It's about time to put the spotlight on a fresh new crew called DubDerGutenHoffnung who started to promote wicked bassments inna Berlin city about a year ago. Since then their members Ras Lion (Lion's Den), Darkwing Dub, Jimi Handtrix, Mio MindSteppa, Mr. Narci, FauN, Freytakt and Francesca have been keen to bringing the finest in dubstep, steppas, dub, jungle and drum'n'bass to the Berlin bass massive.
They have already worked together with big names and talents in the game like Roommate, Killawatt, Sleeper, Max Powa, Dubsy, Aries and many more...

Tonite they gonna bass down babylon once again together with the upcoming Austrian producer duo called Dubapes and Rebellion Soundsystem outta Dubstadt! If you are around town you better find your way to the Subland and if not make sure you check out their soundcloud ish:

...and more vibez in a 2 hour mix-up madness from the DubDerGutenHoffnung crew for every season:

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