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If you are around Berlin city make sure you make it to the one and only YAAM tonite where DirtyRaggaSquad run another edition of their monthly regular dance called Dancehallvibes! Since 2004 they keep on inviting diverse international sounds and represening Berlin to the fullest. Musically, vibes range from Reggae to Dancehall, from Dubstep to Jungle and Tropical Bass.

Tonite the Czech veterans Babylon Rocker and Chong-X gonna mash up the place with a Dancehall Moombahton explosion. Chong-X keeps on producing hot Moombah-tunes inspired by the fresh Peruan mountain air. Check out the following mixtape with a whole heap of Dancehall remixes and Moombah productions and step over to Yaamaica as soon as the sun goes down...

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