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Well Dickes B - I had to say goodbye to Berlin city with tears in my eyes... Such a great concrete jungle full of history and herstory, diverse culture and artforms, where people from all over the globe populate the Kiez. From Wedding to Neukölln, from X-Berg over the bridge to F-hain. Just take a ride from Alex to Kotti straight to Görli and via Schlesi back to Boxi... It can get fucking cold in the winter but it is just awesome during summertime! Just incase you are there right about now enjoy the pleasure of cheap Döner, Schawarma, Falafel or even Currywurst, the delicious Vietnamese kitchen, Vokü everyday and a fresh beer at a Späti until late night... The spontaneous summer open airs and the 24/7 pulsation of urban life and arts... pure urbärlinization!

Definately I will not be gone forever but stray for a while and keep on telling anecdotes and featuring artists, collectives and projects which inspired me in the meantime... So expect more or less regular articles about B town in the near future! RUN BLN

„Berlin Ick liebe dir, 
Ick liebe dich. 
Wie ditt heeßt, 
ditt weeß ick nich."


  1. Cant wait for you to come back to the VIE, buddy!!! Too bad I never made it to Berlin

  2. natty nat K8/8/12 12:12


    Yes I .. das wird nicht das letzte mal sein..
    Big things gwaan..

    looking forward to run bln with you brother..

    wir haben viel zu wenig zeit miteinander verbracht!!!

    danke für alles..